Screw City Beer Festival


There are two ways to enter SCBF:

  1. Front Gate located at the intersection of Main St. & Mulberry St.
  2. District Bar & Grill. (District is open to the public. The door to the back parking lot is the festival entrance)

Both entrances will start checking in guests as early as 9:30 AM.


What does this mean?

Checking In consists of presenting your ID, getting your ticket scanned,  and receiving your wristband, tasting cup, and program.

You may arrive to check in any time between 9:30 and when the festival starts. By stretching this out over a longer period of time, we hope to eliminate the amount of people waiting in line when the event starts. The closer you arrive to noon or 1PM, the greater the chance of waiting in a line.


You are free to hang out inside the grounds but only on Mulberry St. We will have a Bloody Mary bar, food vendors, and our Merch Tent. (No bottle sharing allowed. Sorry!)

You are also free to leave and come back when the festival starts. You will be able to re-enter without waiting by showing your wristband, cup, and program.

Prairie Street Brewhouse, Rockford Roasting Co, District, and Octane will all be open for your coffee or breakfast needs!


Do not remove your wristband, or lose your cup or program. You are given these items only when your ticket has been successfully scanned. So if you check in early, leave, and come back when the festival starts, your proof of admission are those three items together.

Tickets can only be scanned ONCE. You will not be admitted if your ticket shows it has already been scanned and you don't have a wristband, tasting cup, or program.


Starting at 12PM Noon, VIP ticket holders will have access to both North Lot and South Lot. VIP ticket holders can walk freely between the two lots via Mulberry St.


Prior to 1PM, General Admission ticket holders will have access to Mulberry St., but will not be able to enter North Lot or South Lot until 1PM.

Starting at 1PM the entire grounds - North Lot, Mulberry, and South Lot - will open up and become one space for the duration of the festival.


We will provide FREE Potosi Root Beer and bottled water to Designated Drivers available at the Brovember Table on Mulberry St. adjacent to South Lot. Enjoy!

Designated Driver ticket holders are allowed to access the VIP hour if they're accompanying a VIP ticket holder.

Designated Drivers serve an incredibly important role. Any Designated Driver found to be drinking or intoxicated will be escorted out of the festival. We take this very seriously.


For anyone that has previously attended SCBF, you'll notice that the drink card has now been incorporated into the back cover of the program. One less thing to carry, one less thing to lose. 

If this is your first time at SCBF the back cover of the program contains the "drink card" - a regulatory measure required by the State of Illinois for events such as ours. A box (or bottle cap) gets checked off in exchange for a sample. Ask someone who has attended SCBF before. They'll tell you how to use it.